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Match Thread v Fulham away

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Match Thread v Fulham away - Page 3 Empty Re: Match Thread v Fulham away

Post by achilles on Sun Feb 18, 2018 4:24 pm

@FoxyAV wrote:
@achilles wrote:@FoxyAV as you were there perhaps you can give me your view as I have only watched the highlights.

This may be controversial but I think the partnership of Chester and Terry are struggling especially Terry.
I have noticed in the last few games errors creeping in especially positional wise and their lack of pace is desperately being exposed. The first goal Terry was out of position and didn't really know where he was. In the second half Fulham had a great break which totally exposed us, with Terry totally out of position near the half way line marking nobody, Chester was presumably marking someone nearby near the half way line and the ball was played down the inside right channel. Tuanzebe had to come across leaving Sessegnon free to close down the player which he did and Johnstone comfortable saved the shot. When Terry eventually comes back into shot Tuanzebe had a right go at him, which was fantastic to see, in complete contrast to Onomah, a loan player who actually gives a damn, with a attitude like that he has a great future. Basically Chester and Terry are not mobile enough and are easily exposed, they rely on their experience to get themselves out of trouble which is not enough against the better sides.

Tend to agree with @Joppe84 if we keep the same side I am not optimistic for Tuesday.    

I didn't really notice, I think they just came out after half time with more desire to win the match than us and it was just one of those goals. They're strong down the wings, we normally are but were pretty hopeless at it yesterday.

Bruce tends to stick to the same team until someone gets injured. I really hope he doesn't stick with the same lot again (he said in the interviews both goals were errors) but have a feeling he will. He'll have the same players to choose from and we have to assume what he sent out at Fulham is what he thinks is the best side.

Cheers. Match Thread v Fulham away - Page 3 3769219917

Match Thread v Fulham away - Page 3 3_star10

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Match Thread v Fulham away - Page 3 Empty Re: Match Thread v Fulham away

Post by Dions_Bald_Head on Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:01 pm

Good reading on here for those of us who can't get to games at the mo.

I guess we now get to see how far we've come - the worry is that because of the injuries the problem is tactical rather than just rallying the troops after a performance blip. A crucial point in the season for Bruce with regards to his future?

Match Thread v Fulham away - Page 3 2_star10

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