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Keep or sell who goes?

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Keep or sell who goes?

Post by gaffer85 on Tue May 09, 2017 7:26 pm

Who would you keep or sell out of our current squad?
And what team and formation would you play?

Sam Johnstone improved but still not good enough so sell

Jed steer keep deserves his chance

Mark bunn sell and replace with john ruddy

Alan Hutton keep good cover

James Bree keep future right back

Richie de leat keep versatile starting right back

James chester keep best defender

Nathan baker keep good cover

Tommy elphick sell not good enough

Micah Richards sell enough said

Neil Taylor keep starting left back

Jordan amavi  sell too unreliable

Aly cissoko sell tries but not good enough

Leandro bucana keep like his energy versatile

Gary Gardner sell times up not good enough

Mile jedinak keep squad player next year

Conor hourihane keep should come good

Henri Lansbury keep has to improve

Andre green keep future star

Jordan lyden keep future engine in the team

Carlos gil keep we need a spark

Jack grealish keep last chance

Jordan vertout sell doesn't want to play here

Bikir bjarssonn keep squad player

Albert adomah keep squad player

Gabby agbonlahor sell not good enough

Ross McCormack keep wildcard

Johnathan kodjia keep scores goals

Scott hogan keep will score goals

R.h. Murphy keep big year next

Keinan Davis keep loan possibly

Let me know if I forgot anyone
My team without any signings would be


De leat   Chester  jedinak   Taylor

           Lyden   hourihane

Grealish           Gil             Green

                    Hogan( kodjia injured )

What's your opinions?

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Re: Keep or sell who goes?

Post by deadbuzzardalive on Tue May 09, 2017 10:25 pm

Sam Johnstone
I'd go for someone with more experiece but looks like he's staying
Jed Steer
Mark Bunn
Replace with someone better to challenge Johnstone
Alan Hutton
I think it's time to move on now, but I reckon he'll stay.
James Bree
Stay really hope he can make the right-back position his own
Richie De Laet
I'd keep him, think his injury had a big impact on our season for the worst.
James Chester
Keep very lucky to have him as a Championship club
Nathan Baker
Keep, but replace in the first team with someone with better ball distribution
Tommy Elphick
If we can sign someone to come straight into the first team, Baker can replace Elphick on the bench, also Jedinak is capable. We've got some promising youngsters in Bedeau and Sulliman too. Sell.
Micah Richards
I'd sell but not sure if anybody will take him off our hands.
Neil Taylor
Keep I was surprised when people were moaning at this signing, but he's been even better than I imagined. A Premier quality left back.
Jordan Amavi
I'd like to keep him, as I haven't given up hope that he can get his old form back. If Brucey can wave his magic wand and have us playing a more adventurous game, then I feel we'll see Amavi thrive in that environment.
Aly Cissokho
Time to move on
Leandro Bacuna
Not sure, wouldn't want him as regular starter though.
Gary Gardner
Got a feeling he might be on the move despite his contract extension.
Mile Jedinak
Keep very useful player to have
Conor Hourihane
Keep one of the best players in the division, and I don't think he's been as bad for us as some people make out.
Henri Lansbury
Keep but needs to be used correctly.
Aaron Tshibola
Not sure.
Andre Green
Really hoping he can make a big impression next season.
Jordan Lyden
Not sure to be honest, but he's 21 now so will have to start making an impression.
Carlos Gil
Wouldn't be disappointed to see him return.
Jack Grealish
Needs to improve, but can't be helped by the tactics and being in and out of the team all the time. he's another who I think will thrive if Bruce can get us playing more adventurously.
Jordan Vertout
If at all possible I'd keep, need someone of his quality to push Hourihane and Lansbury.
Birkir Bjarnason
Albert Adomah
Keep, but despite his impressive assist stats, I feel we might need someone with more of a spark in the first team, and someone who'll get more goals.
Gabby Agbonlahor
Sell but as with Richards can't see anyone wanting him.
Ross McCormack
Keep, think he can still come good.
Johnathan Kodjia
Keep as with Chester lucky to have as a Championship club. If it wasn't for his injury I suspect he'd be playing the Premier league next seaon, still wouldn't be all that surprised if there are bids.
Scott Hogan
Keep but we've got to become a much better footballing side to get the best out of him
Rushian Hepburn-Murphy
Hopefully can stay injury free and make an impression next season.
Keinan Davis
Keep, as to whether he goes out on loan or not, I think that might depend on what's going on with our other strikers.
Steve Bruce
Replace with someone who can stamp an identity on the team, if not that then at least change the coaching set-up.

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Re: Keep or sell who goes?

Post by gaffer85 on Tue May 09, 2017 11:24 pm

Steve Bruce

Replace with someone who can stamp an identity on the team, if not that then at least change the coaching set-up.[/quote]

This is very true of Bruce's tenure with us we have no identity, and it looks like he doesn't know what he is doing
Something has to be done on the coaching tactics side of the game

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Re: Keep or sell who goes?

Post by bruka on Fri May 12, 2017 2:51 pm

Steve Bruce - keep. It's imperative that Bruce gets a pre-season under his belt so that he can get the players the he signed playing in a system of his choosing rather than patching it all together to try and get some points on the board (as he has been doing since he came in). Also he needs the opportunity to see what youngsters he can trust rather than throwing them into high pressured championship games where they'll get moaned at from the stands if they drop a clanger.
Sam Johnstone - keep but only as a sub/cup keeper, we need more quality and experience.
Steer - get rid, if he's not number 1 over Johnstone he will never be good enough.
Bunn - also needs to go, hopefully selling the two will free up funds for a decent keeper.
Hutton - really put a shift in this season but not good enough ability-wise. I'd offer him a coaching role but otherwise get rid.
Bree - got to be kept, if he has a good pre-season then i'd make him starting RB.
DeLaet - keep, as cover for Bree.
Chester - keep and build the defence around him.
Baker - if we get any decent offers then sell him as a lot of the time he looks one wrong movement away from disaster, if not he'd be ok as a back up CB but we really should be looking at replacements.
Elphick - not what i expected at all, bye.
Amavi - liability, don't think he wants to be here and i reckon we could still get some decent money for him, time to cash in.
Taylor - keep as he's the best LB we have.
Cissokho - also needs to go, may leave us needing cover at LB.
Bacuna - never been a fan, get rid.
Adomah - keep but we need someone challenging for his place.
Jedinak - i'd keep him but play him as a sweeper.
Hourihane - got the quality but needs to be played higher up the pitch. Keep.
Lansbury - as above.
Grealish - just don't see where he fits, doesn't produce often enough. Sell him if we get a decent offer, otherwise use him as a sub.
Green - from what i've seen deserves a starting place.
Kodjia - got to start but as a lone striker with supporting wingers looking to cut inside, doesn't play well with others.
McCormack - if we get an offer of £5million or above sell him, if not play him and Hogan up front together.
Hogan - could be a top striker for us but we've gotnto play to his strengths or its not worth having him on the pitch. Keep.
RHM - don't like his attitude and he's injury prone which is a shame because i reckom he could do some damage in this division if got his mind rightthnd had a run in the team.
Tshibola - keep as cover.
Richards - sell if we can but i fear we're stuck with him.
Gabby - sell or terminate his contract, too lazy and a bad influence.


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Re: Keep or sell who goes?

Post by Gordonsleftboot on Sat May 13, 2017 11:42 am

Not going through the whole squad but just highlights:

Steer -what has he done to justify keeping?
Baker - keep- he is one who cares
Elhpick, Richards, - sell, but who will buy at those contract levels?
Gabby - has one gift now - the ability to upset defenders. Maybe he could teach Hogan a thing or two. This HAS to be his last season as contract ends.
Adomah - inconsistent - sell
Lyden - is he still here?
Davis - loan out, badly needs experience and pace or bulk. Also needs shooting practice.
Gardner - sell - please!!
Bacuna - sell. Runners are cheap. Either lacks skill or the confidence to use what he has. Also has stupid hair cut!
Amavi - sell has lost his way.
Johnston - keep
Bunn - let go - contract ended?
Taylor, Chester, Lansbury, Hourihohne, Bree, Hutton, all keep.
Grealish - keep him for one last season, ban his father. Needs to find a position and some energy.

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Re: Keep or sell who goes?

Post by johnny from donny on Sat May 13, 2017 5:21 pm

Why would Johnstone stay on as a cup/sub keeper? If Manchester United loan him to us again, I'm sure there will be conditions attached as to him getting game time.

johnny from donny

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Re: Keep or sell who goes?

Post by bruka on Sat May 13, 2017 7:27 pm

Then we shouldn't bother.


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Re: Keep or sell who goes?

Post by The Utterer on Sat May 13, 2017 8:04 pm

Bunn - Let go, simply not good enough
Steer - Never seen him play so i don't know
Johnson - Buy or buy a replacement
Bree - keep, not enough time to even judge him yet
De Leat - Again no idea as not seen enough of him
Hutton - Keep as can do a job
Elphick - 3rd choice Squad player at best, but good character so no fussed
Richards - Sell
Chester - Keep, one of our better players
Baker - keep
Amavi - sell, so overrated
Taylor - keep 100%
Bacuna - Sell, not good enough
Lansbury - Underperformed as he did at Forest so not fussed
Adomah - ok squad player for now, keep.
Hogan - Jury is out
Gabby - Last season then release
Green - Keep, good prospect
Hepburn-Murphy - Keep, good prospect
Kodija - Keep
Hourihane - Keep, not settled yet in my opinion.
Gardner - 3rd choice squad at best but much better to replace
Jedinak - Keep another year or two but will miss games
Davis - Keep
Grealish - Keep purely on the hope he comes good finally, has a goal in him
McCormack - Keep and give final chance as if he comes good we could click

The Utterer

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Re: Keep or sell who goes?

Post by AstonThriller on Sat May 13, 2017 10:05 pm

Well it looks like Mason, Sanchez and Kozak have already gone which is good news.

Bunn= Let him go, third keeper or not he's simply not good enough

Steer= Had a bad injury which ruled him out for this season, has two or so years left on his contract and I doubt he'll be sold if Bunn leaves as we'll need a back up gk

Richards= Needs to be let go now. What a disaster he has been!!!..was crap when we got relegated and spent the vast majority of last season on the sidelines..needs to move on now.

Cissokho= Has one year left on his contract. I hope he moves on too.

Amavi= He was a cracking talent before he got injured but it's all gone sour since then. I'd sell for a decent fee tbh as I think he needs a new start and so do we.

Elphick= Just a crap defender, plain a simple. So I expect him to depart.

Bacuna= I'd love to see the back of him but you get the feeling he might be Bruce's lovechild.

Gardner= Yep I'd let him go too..has performed for Forest in this division but for us something just stops him from progressing

Toner= Sell, he's not gonna make it at this level imo

Veretout= Would love to see him stay but it looks like he's off

Gil= Like Veretout I'd like to keep him but it looks like he wants out

Gollini= Read in the Birmingham Mail that he's set to spend another year in Italy

Tshibola= Would give him pre-season to prove himself..otherwise send him on loan again

Mccormack= Think he'll get another chance and let's all hope he takes it.

Gabby= Would get rid but can't see him leaving with just a year left on his contract. Bruce has been talking about giving him an "extended contract"? IF he does that then my McGrath he's a worse manager than I ever imagined

Johnstone= He done Ok with us but in all honesty, I think the four defenders in-front of him were the major reason behind us keeping so many clean sheets towards the end of the season. Yes, he made some decent saves here and there but didn't Gollini aswell? At Ipswich he virtually kept them out on his own. So I probably wouldn't sign the lad and get an experienced keeper like Adrian from West Ham or Pontilimon from Watford.

Keep>>> Hutton, De Laet, Bree, Chester, Baker, Taylor, Hourihane, Lansbury, Thor, Grealish, Jedinak, Green, Adomah, Kodjia, Hogan,

I'd then send Davis, Lyden, Sarkic, Blackett-Taylor and maybe Bree (if he falls behind Hutton and De Laet) out on loan.

All in all I expect it to be a big summer. Bruce and co are talking about "four signings" but if we let so many players go then I'd hope for at least seven to eight players coming in at a minimum. Some permanent and others on loan I'd guess.

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Re: Keep or sell who goes?

Post by Guest on Sun May 14, 2017 1:29 pm

I'd sell Bacuna, Richards, Amavi, McCormack, Cissokho, Gil, Grealish, Gardner, Gabby, Bunn, Veretout.

If we were to give Grealish another year I'm kinda fine with it. Wouldn't mind seeing Veretout back either, but I suspect he isn't interested.

I'd like to see us sign Johnstone permanently. If we can't, sign someone else. This loan bollocks annoys me.


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Re: Keep or sell who goes?

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