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Next Aston Villa manager thread

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Re: Next Aston Villa manager thread

Post by smetro on Thu Jan 04, 2018 8:35 am

@Joppe84 wrote:Nobody looks like first team material until they get the chance and they do though. Nobody thought Davis was ready until he as given a chance and excelled.

I think they all are ready for first team football. It's just a matter of giving them the chance. I'd much rather see Suliman instead of Jedinak, O'Hare for Snodgrass, Hayes for Whelan etc. but that's me.
Disagree on them being in the team as well. From my memory both Green and Grealish has been plenty on the bench. RHM has been injured a lot though, that's a fair point. But there's no chance Bruce the dinosaur would have played RHM over Kodjia or Hogan. We all know this.

Youve got to be joking - maybe Sulliman last year, but even thats a push. Sulliman is no where near ready for first team. Basically he he had a purple patch when he was 15/16 - but has stagnated since then - I think anyone who watches the u23's would tell you that. Its touch and go whether Sulliman gets a run out v peterborough on saturday or not. He honestly isn't ready.

Green I recall was in the team earlier this season - then got a pretty bad injury - he has only just returned to fitness, I don't think he has been on the first team bench at all since that injury.

Grealish has been on the bench for around two or 3 games few games - but got on in most of them - and has started the last couple. and other than saturday I would expect him to start the next few (Bruce has publicly stated he wants to build the team around him)

Kjodia pretty much walks into the team on last seasons stats - I don't have a problem with that. And few the last few weeks Hogan has been on the bench whilst a 19 year old Davis took his place. I think most people would agree that Davis run out of steam in the last few weeks.

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Re: Next Aston Villa manager thread

Post by Joppe84 on Thu Jan 04, 2018 8:40 am

No? Jedinak is not a CB. And when he plays there he plays utter shit. I'd rather play Suliman even if he is a bit raw. Young CB's need that experience to get their head around what's required in the top level. They will make mistake, just like Clark and Baker did when coming into the first team, but they learn from it and get better. That's something Jedinak never will do. Letting Suliman play when he can is preparing for the future. Having Jedinak in there is essentially a way where you eat your seed corn. Especially now when we have fuck all money.

I cba going back into last season listing every match we had the youths on the bench and fuck all on the pitch, but there were plenty. Steve Bruce does not do youths unless he has to. It's just how he is.

FWIW I'd rather having Davis on the pitch than Kodjia, but that's me. Personally I hope Kodjia gets sold.

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