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The LESS THEN MIGHTY Villa vs BORO match thread

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Re: The LESS THEN MIGHTY Villa vs BORO match thread

Post by The Utterer on Tue Sep 12, 2017 11:55 pm

This failure to capitalize against 10 men after 4 minutes was just so obvious and so "Villa".

It's got to the point of being so obvious now it's ridiculous. You actually couldn't make it up.

My missus said to me today "do you want to go to the game?" (To which i laughed and said i wouldn't go at the moment if somebody bought me a ticket and chauffeur drove me with a Champagne reception on arrival)

"They might win" was her next outburst. That got the short thrift it deserved... "No they won't" i said. They would still not win if Boro had a man sent off after 10 minutes" i said quite coincidentally!

Then i couldn't believe it when i turned on SSN to see Traore had actually been red carded!

"There you go" the missus said "i told you"... "Told me what? i replied they will still 100% find a way to balls it up. Probably some nonce will go and get himself sent off and we'll still lose through an own goal or something stupid but i guarantee they won't win coz they're crap" i said..

As it happens we didn't score the own goal but by all accounts we fluffed it at the other end as usual!.

Supporting this club is like having a recurring nightmare once or twice a week.
The Utterer

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Re: The LESS THEN MIGHTY Villa vs BORO match thread

Post by Boldfinger on Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:16 am

With our away form being so poor the last 2 games have been 4 points dropped.
If we can only draw at home and lose away we have relegation form never mind promotion.


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Re: The LESS THEN MIGHTY Villa vs BORO match thread

Post by Trotters on Wed Sep 13, 2017 1:12 am

There's a short video on social media of Hogan getting in the way of the match winning goal. He and the Boro defender were standing on the line and, whilst the defender moved out of the way, Hogan didn't.


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Re: The LESS THEN MIGHTY Villa vs BORO match thread

Post by AstonThriller on Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:10 am

We've only scored more than one goal in a game ONCE OUT OF OUR LAST FOURTEEN FIXTURES and Bruce wants to talk about "luck"? F#CK OFF YOU INCOMPETENT CLOWN.

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Re: The LESS THEN MIGHTY Villa vs BORO match thread

Post by deadbuzzardalive on Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:23 am

Middlesbrough getting a man sent off has probably saved Bruce his job, as it will be spun as ten men against ten, it was against one of the divisions better teams, unbeaten in five, Kodjia and Jedinak back from injury.

Whoever's making the decision not to replace him is ruining our season.


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Re: The LESS THEN MIGHTY Villa vs BORO match thread

Post by achilles on Wed Sep 13, 2017 10:58 am

Well that was interesting.

Bruce should have changed it after 15 minutes as Middlesboro showed no interest in trying to win the game totally relying on Assombalonga to nick them a goal. Bruce did actually change it at halftime which was at least a positive and it transformed us, as Adomah actually took players on and was really positive. At last we looked like we could score goals and actually go on and win. The next question was when to introduce Kodjia in place of Davis but suddenly that went out the window with Lansbury getting himself sent off! That did change the complexion of the game again, as Davis went right wing, Shodgrass centre and Hogan on his own up front. However we still looked the more likely side to win especially when Kodjia came on in place of Davis to play left wing with Adomah switching to the right wing.

Johnstone - is actually looking like he could make a decent keeper, great save from Assombalonga was about the only thing he did all night but he was ready when required.
Elmo – utter shit, wing back, you are having a laugh!
Chester/Terry – nothing to do, although Terry did get caught out in the second half, which was embarrassing.
Taylor – great defensively but utterly useless offensively, keeps cutting back when he gets over the halfway line and was actually caught offside in the first half, absolutely no idea.
Bjarnason – dear me, how on earth has he played in the Champions League, utterly dire!
Lansbury – really can’t make my mind up, as I just don’t see him doing anything, not involved until his sending off.
Hourihane – totally involved and tried to get things moving, always available, just wish that he would shoot more as he has the ability.
Jedinak – this guy is just so much better than Whelan, even when not totally match fit, pity about his distribution but then if that was good he wouldn’t be here but still in the PL.
Snodgrass – played well, needs more match time but will get better and end up being an important player for us.
Davis – well this kid could become a hell of a player, needs a goal to really set him off but his hold up play is outstanding, just wish we had the midfield to take advantage of him!

I thought Middlesboro were terrible constantly making niggardly fouls all night, feigning injuries, anything to stop/slow play down and the referee let them get away with it! If that is the way Monk’s teams play then no thank you very much!

In isolation I thought the game was okay and except for making the changes much earlier I thought Bruce made the right decisions but unfortunately the game cannot and won’t be viewed in isolation but a continuation of a common theme and therein lies the problem.

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Re: The LESS THEN MIGHTY Villa vs BORO match thread

Post by Sponsored content

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