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Reasons for the Blip

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Reasons for the blip ?

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Reasons for the Blip

Post by smetro on Wed Dec 14, 2016 9:03 am

We were poor against leeds
We were poor against wigan
We were poor against norwich

Where has this poor form come from after we so nearly beat brighton ?

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Re: Reasons for the Blip

Post by deadbuzzardalive on Wed Dec 14, 2016 9:30 am

I think it's a mixture of one of those things that happens to every team (dip in form) and the players as an whole not being good enough.

I just hope we're in touching distance of the play-offs come January. Annoying that we have to wait until Sunday to play QPR, by which time we could be ten points adrift, if other results go against us, starting with Derby tonight.

As I say, I think the warning signs were there, because we haven't been playing brilliantly under Bruce at all, but he's been doing enough to get us points, and hopefully when he can sign his own players we'll start playing a lot better.


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Re: Reasons for the Blip

Post by Trotters on Wed Dec 14, 2016 8:25 pm

Combination of a few of those things including (possibly) Bruce refusing to look at viable alternatives to Gardner, Westwood, Hutton and Gabby in order to try and wrestle some more money out of Xia in a few weeks.

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Re: Reasons for the Blip

Post by The Utterer on Thu Dec 15, 2016 1:06 am

New manager bounce is deffo over now & I think the squad is not "poor" as such but rather badly unbalanced and it's coming home to roost now as teams have rumbled our weaknesses. I think there is little Bruce can do about it either as we just have such a rubbish midfield, are weak at RB and back up Central defence and are entrusting GK duties to a young (never great for a keeper), rookie who unsurprisingly is inexperienced and error prone but has good potential.

As for the strikers...
Ayew = overrated
Gabby = just never scores goals
Gestede = dangerous but not suitable for our set up maybe & slow
McCormack = Can finish but looks out of shape & is also slow
Kodija = Blows hot & cold

Then throw into the mix the big/hot headed antics of Grealish and it's not difficult to see we have a right weird and very unbalanced squad.

I'd like to see this line up though to see how we go

.....................New GK

New RB......Baker.......Chester........Amavi

Green......Jedinak......New CM......Adomah


That would give us width with Green & Adomah who could whip crosses in for Gestede. Jedinak could help cover the inexperience of Green and Bacuna could come on for Green if we need to close things up. Kodija will always score a few goals from nothing so is worth having in there, otherwise McCormack can do a job during the ACN. I see goals in that line up as everybody's strengths would be played to and Green would bring a freshness and for the first time since i can remember we would have a threat on both wings, strong heading ability and if we buy a good goal scoring CM most teams would not be able to keep us out.

Subs from...
Gabby (pace would be good if we are winning to pose a threat on the counter...nothing more)
Bacuna (can play a few positions)
The Utterer

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Re: Reasons for the Blip

Post by Dazzle on Thu Dec 15, 2016 1:25 pm

I'd say some of the players took the praise from the Brighton game and thought they were going to stroll to promotion from there on...............poor mindset, complacency. Add to that the loss of Baker (actually a really good leader by example), and, frankly, a couple of brain farts from the manager in terms of lineup and approach, and there is a large part of the problem. We still don't have enough good enough players, we all know that. All we can do is try to stay alive until January and hope more surgery is carried out to sustain a playoff challenge. We desperately need to win the next two home games and at least avoid defeat to QPR this weekend to remain in the mix going into January. Truth be told I'm not hopeful, we might end up with 4-5 Pts from those three is my downbeat prediction.

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Re: Reasons for the Blip

Post by Sponsored content

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