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Our stats from each game this season!!

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Our stats from each game this season!!

Post by AstonThriller on Sun Sep 11, 2016 8:01 pm

A lot has been made about the amount of games we are dominating and chances created etc, so I figured I'd create a thread to see what the stats are telling us as each game goes by.

Vs Sheff Wed

Possession= 48%

Shots= 12

Shots on Target= 2

Corner= 9

Fouls= 9

Vs Rotherham

Possession= 49%

Shots= 16

Shots on Target= 7

Corner= 4

Fouls= 17

Vs Huddersfield

Possession= 40%

Shots= 18

Shots on Target= 5

Corner= 4

Fouls= 10

Vs Derby

Possession= 51%

Shots= 9

Shots on Target= 4

Corner= 7

Fouls= 17

Vs Bristol City

Possession= 51%

Shots= 10

Shots on Target= 2

Corner= 4

Fouls= 15

Vs Forest

Possession= 59%

Shots= 26

Shots on Target= 8

Corner= 10

Fouls= 9

If we look back on every game there were moments where we could have won or were unlucky.

1. Against Sheff wed we had a few chances in the first half (Ayew header infront of goal) although they were the better team. We come out and dominated that second half and missed chance after chance and then Gollini messes up and we lose.

2. Against Huddersfield the game should have been done and dusted at half-time. We come out and the game was more even but then a mistake by the keeper again and we end up only getting a draw.

3. At Derby we hit the post, hit the bar and have one cleared off the line. Again we totally dominated large spells of the game but couldn't score.

4. At Bristol it was one way traffic in the first half and it should have been over. Again we come out in the second half and let the game slip away. Gollin made an error and that was that.

5. Today once again we had all the chance, hit the post, hit the bar but finally we scored a few. The problem is we couldn't keep a damn clean sheet and we drop points again.

A few more stats

1. This season thus far we've dropped FIVE POINTS after the 80 minute mark in these six games.  

2. We've created the most chances in the whole of England (60 plus)

3. We've got the lowest chance conversion rate in the whole of England

4. We've only kept two clean sheets

5. Four of the seven goals we've let in have come after 80 minutes.

To sum it up there's two problems. Firstly we obviously MUST start taking our chances, and secondly the defence has to do much better. The second goal we let in at Bristol and the Second Forest goal today we pretty similar with a team driving through our midfield and that needs to be addressed.

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Re: Our stats from each game this season!!

Post by Guest on Sun Sep 11, 2016 8:09 pm

I think our midfield is the core of every problem we have. Gardner and Westwood offers no protection for the backfour and there's no pressure and ballwinning to maintain pressure and get goals.

We simply don't look like a balanced side


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Re: Our stats from each game this season!!

Post by FoxyAV on Sun Sep 11, 2016 8:15 pm

Good post!

I banged on about this last season, Sanchez was good for 30 to 45 minutes and was best played from about the 60- or 70-minute mark where his fresh legs and strong tackle (fnar fnar) would help break up opposition attacks. It almost feels like we need more depth in midfield, relying on Westwood and Gardner when our two main midfielders are out is a bit desperate. Someone like Sanchez coming in late in the match would really help. I did wonder about Gestede coming on to leave just Westwood as our sole defensive midfielder and while he scored a cracking goal it did feel a bit like whatever cup match it was (Bradford?) where Lambert kept bringing on attacking players at the expense of midfielders and we still lost.

We replaced Delph with Gueye but didn't replace Gueye and I think this position is the one we most need to cover, assuming Jedinak is the first choice left-sided defensive midfielder. We have really good attacking players coming out of our ears but until we can control the midfield and protect our defence we're going to be conceeding a lot more goals.

Edit: two things. First, we need the forum software to get to work on Snake. Second, I forgot to say that I think the goals will come, we have four excellent strikers available and once they start working with each other more (I'm looking at you, Ayew, although today you played really well) and get a goal or two each I think the floodgates will open.

Edit edit: shame about Veretout, I think if he had stayed and put his faith in Xia, RDM and Clarke we'd be seeing a good player coming out of that shell.

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Re: Our stats from each game this season!!

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