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7 Days of Villa (11)

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7 Days of Villa (11)

Friday, 24th April

The U21 side beat Arsenal 3-1 with goals from Jerrell Sellars, Tom Leggett and Khalid Abdo. Lets say it was a dress rehearsal for the cup final  Very Happy

Saturday, 25th April

Aaaarrrrrgggghhhh. We started off awfully against Citeh, including the howler of all howlers from Brad Guzan. He's been vilified plenty for it, so what's the point of me piling on? I mean, I've even seen people slagging him off because he hasn't apologised on Twitter. I honestly don't know how to deal with that level of stupid.

It went far beyond Guzan. The first 25 minutes were like watching Lambert's side. It was pointless slow possession, and we were playing ourselves into trouble. However we then turned it around and were the better side for the last 20 minutes, and pretty much all of the second half. Their second goal also came from a ridiculous mistake; I don't know whether Kieran Richardon decided to stand where he did, or if Guzan told him to - they probably both need to take the blame - but the whole thing was awful. We then battled back brilliantly - I'm not sure who the more surprising scorer out of Cleverley or Sanchez was! - but man, what a heartbreaking end. We did not deserve that, especially after the Benteke onside/fouled by Hart incident.

Results go badly elsewhere too. All in all, this was a bad day.

In other news, the ladies lost 2-1 to Doncaster Belles. Abi Cottam scored a late goal but it wasn't enough. Plenty of that going around today  Crying or Very sad

Sunday, 26th April

I wake up to a Twitter trend - #VillaGate. It's all to do with that shiny-faced lying piece of descended rectum weasel scum known as David Cameron, aka Mr Prime Minister. Apparently he forgot that he's a Villa 'fan' or something. Who cares anyway, he lies so much that his name probably isn't even David.

Liverpool are linked with Benteke. Again.  Sleep

Monday, 27th April

Nothing much going on today. More Benteke being linked away talk, that's about it.

Tuesday, 28th April

Benteke's agent comes out and says that Benteke is not concentrating on anything other than helping us stay up, and that there have been no offers for him at this stage. That doesn't mean he's staying, but coming from an agent, that's genuinely helpful at this stage of the season, given that he's the one you'd expect to be pushing a move. It's a ray of hope if nothing else.

Sherwood says he wants Ron Vlaar to stay. If both him and Benteke were to sign, that could be huge.

Elsewhere, we're linked with a loan move for Patrick Bamford, the Chelsea lad who's had a fantastic season at 'Boro. This one feels like a column-inch filler.

Wednesday, 29th April

Apparently Carles Gil is going to hold 'showdown' talks with Sherwood over his future. Y'know, that's one of those journalistic clichés that irks me...! There's no quotes anywhere so not sure where they have got this from, but I can't say I'd blame him if it is true. I know some people are fed up of those of us that have a problem with the situation, so I'm going to quickly explain my stance:

If we have better players than Carles Gil, or any other player for that matter, then great. In the diamond system, with Grealish behind a front two, I'm okay with Gil not starting. My angst about Gil is all to do with who's ahead of him. Charles N'Zogbia is one of the most wasteful players I have ever seen, and Andi Weimann is just straight up one of the worst players I have seen in a Villa shirt. Yet both of them are deemed more worthy of a place in the team than Gil, and that's just garbage in the eyes of me and plenty of others.

So for the record, it's not just about Carles Gil. It's all to do with the fact that he's so very obviously more talented than some of the players that shouldn't even be near a Premier League side, and none of the arguments for why he's not more involved are good enough as far as I'm concerned.

I am sure he can see that for himself, and if he is seeking assurances, I can't blame him. If I was a professional footballer with his ability, and I saw Andi Weimann or Charles N'Zogbia on the pitch ahead of me, I'd be a bit bloody miffed! That said, I hope him and Sherwood have had a conversation that basically goes: "We're in a difficult situation, you're new to this country, just hold tight and you'll get a fresh start in the summer". I still think he should be involved but that's at least an understandable stance, so if that has happened, the 'showdown talks' story is probably nonsense.

Thursday, 30th April

Back to Benteke now! There are stories that he's got a £30m 'price tag'. No quotes again, so, y'know... What does have quotes is Sherwood saying he wants to stay, and that most clubs couldn't afford him. Standard.

On to the Everton game. Hutton is fit, Gabby isn't (although he should be training next week) and Sherwood may well stand by Guzan.

It's a big, big game. Come on you Villa boys!  Scarf Waving

By the way... how did we get to May already? 

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7 Days of Villa (11) :: Comments


Post on Tue May 05, 2015 3:41 pm by Mr_Spadge

Just incase you're not getting told, I really enjoy reading these! Keep up the good work, eh!

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Post on Wed May 06, 2015 1:01 am by kimbo

Thank you, it's genuinely nice to be told  :)

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Post on Wed May 06, 2015 9:39 pm by smetro

06/05/2015 - I got my tickets for Wembley

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Post on Thu May 07, 2015 2:48 am by kimbo

@smetro wrote:06/05/2015  - I got my tickets for Wembley

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