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7 Days of Villa (3)

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7 Days of Villa (3)

Friday, 27th February

Typical Friday, no news of any note, just match previews, positive talk from the club and a general feeling of doom from the fans.

Saturday, 28th February

We lose 1-0 to Newcastle.

I said after the Stoke game that I expect we’re going down.

What’s interesting is, I didn't feel that we deserved to lose against Stoke, and I felt that we deserved even less to lose against Newcastle.

So there are signs of improvement, but we are finding a way to lose matches at the moment, and that is a terrifying habit to have; on that basis, right now at 11.42pm this evening, I still feel like we’re going down.

Thankfully the one shining light about the day was results went our way, so other than having three less points to play for, we’re no worse off really.

In other news, the Academy side won 4-1 at home to Brighton, and on-loan Gary Gardner scored ‘a worldie’ for Forest. I posted a video of it in the Gary Gardner thread (seemed the appropriate place to do it!) and if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth checking out. I can see him being a player that Sherwood would like, and if he can go the way of Fabian Delph by getting over some very bad long-term injuries and becoming a first-team regular, then I think he could be a big player for us in the coming years – funnily enough, alongside the aforementioned Delph! Part of me wants him to do it purely because of how many people have written him off; I think he can be a hell of a player if he stays injury free.

Sunday, 1st March

Typical Sunday; nothing to see here unless you want to re-live the pain of yesterday, or read positive spin from people at the club that means nothing until we get some results.

Monday, 2nd March

No time for moping about Saturday, it’s the Albion tomorrow.

Tim Sherwood says that if we stay up this season, then we’ll never be in another relegation scrap as long as he is Aston Villa manager. It’s hard not to simultaneously both cringe at and love him. As I have said before though – he needs to back up his bluster. I am sure we are all hoping he does, even those that didn't want him, because let’s be honest about it, if he backs up what he says then we’ll be doing very well!

It appears our left-backs are no closer to being available, and Vlaar has apparently got another injury. Sigh.

Tuesday, 3rd March

We only went and won! We were by far the better team and thoroughly deserved it, but man did we make it difficult. Despite being the better team, we only got the one goal before allowing them back into it off a set-piece; it looked like we were going to get a frustrating draw, and while that would have stopped the rot, it didn't feel like it was enough. But then right at the death, we get a penalty in a moment of madness from Ben Foster that was comparable to Ron Vlaar against Stoke. Our main striker, who needed a goal by any means, stuck it away with all the coolness of the Fonz at a jukebox, and we all went wild like we wasn't all various levels of depressed just minutes earlier.

Is that the turning point in our season? Who knows, but if you were writing a script, it would probably have happened like that.

Wednesday, 4th March

Today sees a mixed bag of looking back on the Albion league game and forward to the Albion cup game. There’s plenty more talk from people like Benteke on Sherwood, Sherwood on world domination or whatever his latest interview was, and rumours that Stan Petrov is joining the club as a first team coach.

Thursday, 5th March

The Petrov rumours were true.

A quick scan of Twitter shows a mixed bag of feelings about that; some feel it’s just a sentimental appointment, some feel it’s a great move. The truth is that I have no idea how good a coach he is (none of us do) but I felt that he was a good captain, he certainly seems to be universally liked (and I got that impression long before his cancer situation) and there is no doubting how much he cared about playing for Villa. So I guess it’s the same as if we appointed, say, Martin Laursen; the coaching side is yet to be proven, but personality wise it feels like a good move that will have a positive effect on the squad.

Sherwood talks about Jack Grealish and making him a bit of a pet project. I'm okay with that – I've never hidden the fact that I have faith in Grealish, although I wish he had gone on loan this season to a Championship club – but what worries me is a lack of Carles Gil in the team. I certainly hope that long-term, he is a part of Sherwood’s plans, because it would be a terrible waste if he was to slip through our fingers.

Looking ahead to Saturday and it appears we have very few defensive options; gulp! Tie that in with the fact that Albion surely can’t be as bad again as they were on Tuesday, and your writer is currently pretty nervous. For some this game is nowhere near as important, but I really want to win the FA Cup; for one thing I have never seen us win it and I would love to see it, but also, it is a path to Europe. Now, I know the Europa League is seen as a distraction by many, but as of this season it gives entry to the Champions League. Okay, so that is a very big ask, but is it any bigger an ask than us finishing in the top 4 of the Premier League next season? Seems to me that we might not have a better shot of winning the FA Cup again for a long time, and we probably have as much chance - many would say more chance - of winning Europa as we do of finishing in the top 4.

Plus I am sure all of our players want to play in Europe, even if it is the B competition.

But even taking away the slight potential of leading to the Champions League aspect, even taking away us having European football back at Villa Park... I just really, really, really want to win the FA Cup.

I want the glory. ALL THE GLORY!  Scarf Waving

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7 Days of Villa (3) :: Comments


Post on Sat Mar 07, 2015 10:06 am by Trotters

Nice summation again, Kimbo. I hope next weeks entry says little else other than "Que sera sera" etc and on.

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Post on Sat Mar 07, 2015 12:45 pm by villabromsgrove

What a difference seven days make! Nice one Kimbo.

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