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How much must Man Utd spend to win the PL

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How much must Man Utd spend to win the PL

Post by Con on Sat Oct 04, 2014 5:03 pm

Phil Neville has gone to print saying that Man Utd need only spend another £100 million and they can bag the title again - presumably next year. wrote:
Phil Neville: Manchester United are £100m off winning title'

Manchester United may need to spend another £100m on players before they can compete for the Premier League title, says ex-defender Phil Neville.

I'm surprised. I thought they were further away than that.

This year with Falcao, Rooney and Van Persie they have enough fire-power up-front but by next year they might need to replace Van Persie, or buy at least someone equally as world class as back-up. He'll be 32 and doesn't have the best injury record so if they're serious about winning the league they need another striker. That's at least £30 million. On the other hand, if youth product James Wilson can be a straight replacement for him they won't need to spend anything.

As everyone knows Man Utd also need a couple of world class centre-backs. It's not entirely clear they have one. Evans has made a whole lot of mistakes last season and this and is relatively unproven without an experienced world class centre-back next to him. Two more defenders will cost about £50 million for the world class centre back and about £15 million for a younger player without a reputation who might become world class.

One problem Man Utd have with getting good centre-backs is they are hard to come by and prefer to go to winning teams. Chelsea will need to replace Terry - possibly next summer - and after Chelsea have won the Premier League Man Utd aren't likely to get the best on offer at a reasonable price.

Man Utd are very fortunate with their wide and attacking midfielders: they don't need to buy to replace Januzaj or Di Maria.

As everyone also knows, Man Utd do need a strong defensive midfielder. One to replace the ageing Carrick and another to possibly replace Fletcher whose form may not reach the heights he attained before his very unfortunate illness. Man Utd need a player like Southampton's Morgan Schneiderlin and I think he'd cost them £25 million. Danny Blind will presumably be the other one.

Add all that up, and my running total is £120 million. That's about the minimum though because I'm not convinced that they won't spend more than that on transfer fees.

Is De Gea is the best keeper they could have? Van Gaal might be tempted to splash out another £20 million on a competitor or replacement. Rafael also could use some competition and back-up as it seems to me he gets red-carded at least once a year. Another £10 million.

If they spend all that over the next two transfer windows then they will have a good shot at the title. However, if they fail even for one season they will undoubtedly keep spending. It could be more like £200 million in transfer fees before they win the title, or more for as long as they fail to win it.


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