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Best player in the midlands

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Best player in the midlands

Post by Con on Thu Oct 02, 2014 12:56 am

As of October 2014 I would say it's Benteke vs Berahino.

It's a close call. Berahino is superb. He has already scored 5 in 7 against Premier League opposition this season (if you include Hull in the League Cup). He could well be 15+ by seasons end.

Point against, those teams he scored against were Hull, Sunderland and Burnley, while he failed to score against Everton (Jagz), Tottenham (Vertonghen), Swansea (Williams) and Southampton (Fonte). i.e. he was kept quiet by the better defenders.

Point for, at least half the teams in the league have a pretty shit defence.

We know Benteke can score against any team in the league but he's going to be at his best to score more than Berahino this season and deliver us the Best Player bragging rights.


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Re: Best player in the midlands

Post by kimbo on Thu Oct 02, 2014 1:18 pm

I'd say Benteke but I'm biased and have no plans to change Laughing

By all accounts it seems Berahino actually agreed to sign for us under Houllier before he had to leave. Not looking to turn this into a GH thread but it's hard not to wonder how things may have gone under him.

Part of the problem with these things is I don't see enough of the other teams to comment really - look at Delph for England, fans of other teams were writing him off and it was so obvious they'd barely seen him play.

A classic example of this was Dwight Yorke. I would tell anyone who would listen that he was genuine world class and would get in just about any team in the world. People would laugh at me. He signs for Man U, wins the treble and all of a sudden everyone else knows just how good he is. But most Villa fans already knew, and had known for years. Again not looking to turn this into a Yorke thread either but the greatest example of what a wonderful player he was, is not only is he the best forward I have ever seen for us, but he is one of the best midfield players I have ever seen for Villa too. But again, not until did he do it for Trinidad & Tobago did a lot of people even realise he could play there. Once again, plenty of us had known it for years!

The moral of the story being, until we see players week in week out, it's hard to judge. It's always easier to have opinions of players at elite clubs because we see them more often.

But with all that waffle said, I would be amazed if I watched Albion/Stoke/Leicester every week and saw anyone better than Benteke, and I'd be equally as stunned if I saw anyone I'd swap for Grealish too, because his age alone means it'd be hard to want a swap there.

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